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Yesterday evening after heavy rainfall and while in mediation I caught a glaring orange glow what looked like a fire outside my bedroom window shining thru a dark room. Crazy, but I could feel a magic filling the air and covering me, mesmerized yet alarmed I pulled the blinds up to find this divine sunset through the rain drops. Then I melted in awe and was instantly filled with gratitude for that one moment. <3 #HelloHeaven #WaterFireNYC #Myworld #Glowing #SunsetPark #Welcome2myQueendomB #Awakenings #Alignment #Thankyou #Godlight #IshineUshine

Awesome show yesterday. Thank you to #Summerstage #LyricistLounge teams and all artists who rocked the mic and those who came through to show love. Lord finesse is super on top of it and great to work with. Shout out to the BX, D.I.T.C, Sadat X, Kid Capri, Kool Herc, Erika Elliot and everyone who made it a fun and successful night. Happy birthday to D-Stroy dude you are ill funny to be around. Thank you all for coming thru. #RealTalkNYC #CanIgetaSoulclap

Feeling like I AM WOMAN. Hear me ROAR!!!! Busy month for me on #mommyduty and Bossing up w/work. Not sure how the super natural in me has taking me thru the Writing celebration, Awards Ceremony, Arts Festival, graduation, birthdays and outings. Then prepping for bowling trip, fields day, spirit cruise, 5th grade dance and JHS. + 2 LL shows (one coming up this week), staying up w/clients. 2 new projects, and a new gig all while building for Real Talk’s new leadership development intiative. Thank you Lord and all my spirit guides, angels, ancestors and mentors. I AM WOMAN. Hear me ROAR!!!! #Realtalk

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